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Bra Fitting Guide

There is no single or best way to find out the most accurate bra fit. Different professionals or brands have their own techniques
of measuring a bra size and determining the fit. A bra fitting session is complete with three important aspects: band size,
cup size and bra size.

Band size is a very important factor to ensure the right bra fitting. To measure your band size, hold your measuring tape completely straight. Exhale completely letting all the air out of your lungs and hold the tape under your breasts close to the ribs and run it along your back. Hold it snugly and make a note of the measurement. If the number is even add 4” and if it is odd, add 5” to it. This is known as the band size for your figure. You will get a more appropriate measurement if you are not wearing a bra. Some people have claimed to have gotten more accurate results when measured by someone or professionals. Round up fractions to the nearest whole number.

Cup size is a yet another aspect of bra fitting. For the cup size hold the measuring tape at the peak of your breasts and run the tape along the middle of your back. Hold the tape straight and do not press it against your breasts. The best way to measure your cup size
is to wear the bra that fits you the best and measure it around the widest part of your bust. Do not wear a padded or enhancer bra.
Note this measurement too. A difference of this number and the band size will give you the cup size. For example, if the difference
is 1” then your cup size is A.  Similarly, 2” is B, 3” is C, 4” is D, 5” is DD or E, 6” is DDD or F, 7” is DDDD or G.

From here it is easy to determine your bra size. If the under measurement is 29”, add 5” to it (29 + 5 = 34). If your over measurement
is 36”, subtract this with your band size (36 – 34 = 2) or Cup B. So your bra size is 34B. If you have large breasts or if your breasts sag, make sure you pull your straps up so that you can take the measurement under the bust easily. The bra fitting you should be comfortable; in other words it shouldn’t be painful or you shouldn’t have to fuss with the band or straps.

To know how a bra fits you properly here are a few pointers. Firstly, you should be able to fit one or two fingers with ease under the band. If you cannot, then go for the next band size. If the band rises up your back, the bra is too big for you. Next, in the case of an underwire bra, the wire that comes in between your breasts has to lie flat against your breast bone. A molded bra cup should not
have extra room. When you are out for a bra fitting, try out different bras and styles to make sure you get the right one.