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Lingerie Fabrics

Lingerie is not all about cup sizes and bra and panty styles. It is the fabric that defines the quality of the lingerie. At the same time
every type of fabric depicts a meaning when it is used in a particular type of lingerie. Originally lingerie fabrics were limited only to cotton, nylon, or satin. But now a number of fabrics are used to provide lingerie with appeal, style and sophistication.

Lace is seen very often on lingerie. It is light in weight and has varying patterns. It is an open work fabric which is an intricate
work of art with a number of holes. Traditionally lace was made with linen, silk, gold or silver threads. But now it is made with
cotton; synthetic lace is manufactured with machines. Lace is one of the extensively used lingerie fabrics as it gives a dreamy,
yet naughty appeal.

Satin has a glossy and soft surface on the right side up. On the wrong side, it is rough and dull. A fabric made of filament fibers
like silk, nylon or polyester it is called satin. One of the standard lingerie fabrics, satin depicts luxury and indulgence.

Chiffon is a sheer fabric, a type of fabric which allows the body to be seen. It is soft and is made of silk, rayon or polyester
and the fabric is woven in tightly twisted yarns. It is used mainly for loungewear and nightwear like camisoles, robes etc.

Cotton is one of the most commonly used lingerie fabrics. It is a natural fabric and is soft and comfortable and allows the skin to breathe. It is highly durable and can be washed many number of times. It is used in lingerie by itself or by mixing other fibers to increase the comfort and fit. Sometimes this fabric shrinks, so make sure you purchase a larger size so that it fits you correctly
after a wash.

Silk is also a natural fiber consisting of protein like compounds. It is used independently as a fabric or can be mixed with other
fabrics. It is soft, lustrous and luxurious and is ideal for nightwear and loungewear. It is a favorite with makers of fine lingerie.

Nylon is a synthetic fiber and is light in weight. It feels like silk, but is far greater in strength and durability. The fabric does not
lose its shape easily. It is combined with other types of fabric to make different types of innerwear.

Georgette is one of the other sheer lingerie fabrics. It is a crepe like fabric woven along the length and criss-cross from twisted silk
or polyester yarns. The fabric appears dull, but it is delicate with a textured surface. Though it is sheer, it is not as transparent as
chiffon and offers more coverage and weight than the latter.

Lingerie fabrics such as microfiber and polyester are both synthetic in nature. While the former offers a smooth appearance under clothes and defines the figure, the latter is very strong. This strength allows polyester to be used in all types of lingerie. Lingerie
cannot be complete without elastic. It is a stretchable fiber and is generally covered with other lingerie fabrics when used.